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l baghaven har vi en af Danmarks bedste golfbaner.

Det 27 hullers golfanlæg blev i 2010 kåret som "Verdens bedste nyanlagte golfbane" af GolfINC og er nu også optaget i 'The Rolex Worlds Top 1000 Golf Courses'.


Stensballegaard Golf has been designed by the highly acclaimed American architectural firm ‘von Hagge, Smelek and Baril’, who have designed some of the world’s very best courses. Chief Architect Rick Baril is rather pleased with the result and maintains that Stensballegaard Golf is something quite special – One of Denmark’s, if not one of Europe’s best courses.

stensballegaardgolfThe golf course, which is situated in an area of natural beauty encircled by forests and with a view of Horsen’s Fjord, offers 27 holes (18 holes in 2009) that each tell their own unique story. Look forward to, among others, the challenging 9th hole on the Guldbjerg loop, with panoramic view of the town of Horsens and the fjord and a height difference of 52 m between the tee and green.

Read more here - www. stensballegaardgolf.dk