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Holiday in your own caravan in the nature, near the city?

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Horsens is the cultural city in Jutland. Located right in the heart of Jutland. The city has plenty of culture life and shopping all year round.

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You can find both Denmark's widest pedestrian and Europe's only prison museum. Horsens is the city on the edge of Horsens Fjord.


When you check in at Husodde Strand Camping with your caravan you can have it all.


Our pitches have a standard size of 120 m2, but we also have both larger pitches (up to 180 m2) and smaller pitches down to 80 m2.


Husodde Strand Camping is divided into curved and cosy areas.

This enables you to feel at home, relax and enjoy the atmosphere on the campsite, the beautiful nature around it and the city of Horsens just 4 km away.




The campsite is sectioned in three categories






At Husodde Strand Camping we have a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, where all residents greet eachother and meet for a chat.


Camping holiday with us is ideal for children, it is actually quite impossible not to meet new friends here.


Before you hook up and come and visit us, don´t forget to check our special offers on campingholidays also with ALL INCLUDED


We look forward to welcoming you all to a nice and cosy holiday.