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The tent is up, the pegs are in, and the furniture is in place, welcome to you glamping holiday

Glampingtelt2 VR 800


Family vacation made easy, in a rental tent close to facilities, playground and sun all day.


Telt soverum 600


The tent is equipped with two 140 x 200 box mattresses and duvets and pillows. and a terrace with furniture for 4 persones


There is a small kitchen-section with common utensils, refrigerator and table and chairs. Cooking and cleaning can be done in the common kitchen nearby. 


The tent has a floor inside and outside on the terrace. OIn the terrace there is table and chairs.

 Telt kokken 600

There is power for the laptop, phone etc. and a lamp over the table.


In case of chilly nights there is also a small electrical heater, so in fact we think, that everything is taken care of.


We look forward to welcoming you on your next tent-vacation at Husodde Strand Camping.


The tent can be rented in the period from about 1/5 to 31/8