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autocamper udsigtx600Motorhome pitches of perfection

We have in 2012 renovated and rebuilt a part of the campsite so that it is specially suited for the needs that our many camper guests have.

Man and woman relaxing beside the moterhome in HorsensWe can now say that we offer motorhome pitches of perfection:

  • Motorhome pitches with a view over Horsens Fiord
  • Motorhome pitches for one night standing
  • Motorhome pitches have a short distance to the campsite shared facilities.
  • Price for an overnight stay - camper / 2 - from 165 DKK + electricity.
  • Grey water / toilet emptying and fresh water is included in the overnight rate.
  • Other prices for example bath and dog appears from our price sheet
  • Remember that we have freshly baked bread every day.


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All motorhome pitches are of course reinforced so that they can handle all types of motor homes all year round.

We look forward to welcoming you in Husodde Strand Campings great motorhome area, whether it is for one or more nights.


The number of motorhome pitches will be extended over the coming years, so that we are best able to meet the wishes of our guests.


You can view the site map here and all motorhome pitches are marked with "A" in front of the number.

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Washing area & Camper van station

Motorhomes from Husodde Strand Camping

In order to be able to offer the best possible service we have established a service area for camper vans, where waste water can be emptied and clean drinking water filled up etc.

The washing area is located directly opposite the reception.

Waste water must not be emptied down the drain, it must be emptied into the floor drains for chemical toilets.

At the same time the area functions as a carwash area, where you are of course welcome to wash your car and campervan.

As we would like to be environmentally aware at Husodde Strand camping we recommend to our guests that they use a bucket and brush to wash their car with and of course use detergents that cause minimum damage to the environment (those with the Nordic Eco-label), and minimise any water waste.